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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Protests Planned for City High Graduation Ceremony

This year's graduation at City High School in Iowa City could become the center of a large protest. Kansas minister Fred Phelps plans to stage his own protest there. He and his followers oppose a Matthew Shepard scholarship that's going to an Iowa City student. Shepard died five years ago in Wyoming after two men beat him up for being homosexual.

Ilse Bendorf will receive the Matthew Shepard scholarship later this month. It's awarded to gay students in honor of Shepard. But the issue is drawing fire from not only the protestors but even those opposing the protestors. Members of the Iowa International Socialist organization gathered Wednesday night for one reason. To decide what kind of message they'll send to oppose fred phelps.

Michael Rack, who is with the Iowa International Socialist organization told TV9, “I think it's important for people to say no we stand up for gays and lesbians and teens and wanna fight back the homophobia and create a tolerant atmosphere."

And it's an atmosphere that will be outside City High's graduation on May 29th. And while school administrators wish both groups would leave the focus on graduating seniors, that's not likely to happen.


Advocates push for same-sex marriage in North Carolina
By: Brett Tackett & Web Staff

More than 50 people gathered in front of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh on Wednesday demanding same-sex marriages be recognized in North Carolina.

Lyle Turner and his partner were married in Fayetteville a year ago; despite the fact North Carolina does not recognize it.

"I'd always wanted growing up to be married," Turner said. "As everyone usually does when they get married they have a ceremony."

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Turner is Jack McKinney, a Baptist minister.


Gay Marriage in Massachusetts
Talk of the Nation audio

May 12, 2004
In less than a week, gay marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts, and the wedding to-do list is longer than usual. Bureaucrats are still working out the kinks, from what forms to use, to the handling of joint property rights, and the matter out-of-state spouses.
Join NPR's Joe Palca and his guests for a Massachusetts wedding rehearsal.


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