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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Gay employees form lobby group: GLOBE

Gay employees of local governments have formed a new group to lobby for their interests. Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees of Charlotte Mecklenburg -- or GLOBE -- stemmed from City Manager Pam Syfert's recommendation against giving benefits to employees' same-sex partners.

One of the reasons Syfert cited was the lack of interest from employees.

"I'm hoping this is to kind of organize us and show them there are a lot of us out here and we do care about these issues and we do want these things," said Sgt. Lee Ann Oehler, a 14-year veteran of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Oehler said many employees are afraid to push their bosses for change because the city does not include sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination policy. City leaders say they won't tolerate discrimination, but that doesn't always convince employees.


Same-sex couples try for marriage licenses
Michael Kiefer
The Arizona Republic

Sixty same-sex couples waited in line at the Clerk of the Superior Court customer service center to apply for Arizona marriage licenses Friday afternoon.

They stood two by two, holding hands or with arms around waists and shoulders, their IDs and filing fees in hand. And as they expected, the clerks behind the counter politely said no.

It was the first day of a self-described Three Point Action Plan for Marriage Equality, led by Pastor Brad Wishon of Gentle Shepherd Metropolitan Community Church in Phoenix.


Rights of Gays Planning to Wed in Massachusetts
All Things Considered audio

NPR'S Tovia Smith reports the gay weddings that begin next week in Massachusetts will be joyful occasions for those tying the know, but that couples shouldn't expect all the benefits granted to heterosexual couples. Some employers will still be able to deny health insurance to gay spouses, and there are other wrinkles in the legal landscape as well.


Mom 'n' Dad ad broke no rules

That was one eye-catching advocacy ad in the paper last Saturday, promoting "traditional marriage" as a virtue in need of societal protection.

"We Believe in Mom and Dad," readers were told in large type. "We Believe in Marriage."

Prominently displayed was a young, heterosexual couple — dad holding a blond-haired boy in his arms — in a crowd of toothy smiles.

"The family is a schoolroom for life, and lasting lessons come from a man and a woman — a father and a mother," the ad copy said.

The ad was paid for by a group called the Focus on The Family (Canada) Association, a self-described charitable group built on Christian principles.

Founded in the U.S. by psychologist James Dobson, the Canadian operation started in 1983. It's based in Langley, B.C.


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