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Friday, May 14, 2004

Judge clarifies marriage ruling
The Associated Press  

PORTLAND -In a letter sent to attorneys in the case, Bearden clarified on Wednesday that registering the marriages would not require the state to recognize them as ``valid,'' said Kevin Neely, a spokesman for the attorney general's office.

That means the state will not have to provide benefits to same-sex partners as the case moves through the appeals process, Neely said.

``In short, the Supreme Court will ultimately decide the validity or lack thereof of the already issued licenses,'' Bearden wrote in the letter.

Neely said state attorneys are still reviewing the letter, and had not decided whether to drop their request for a stay.


Mult. Co. commissioners who allowed gay marriage may face recall

By JOSEPH B. FRAZIER, Associated Press Writer
Four county commissioners who unilaterally decided earlier this year to let gay couples get married in the Portland area are facing a backlash that could cost them their jobs.

Two of the Multnomah County commissioners -- Lisa Naito and Maria Rojo de Steffy -- are up for re-election on Tuesday. If they win, they could still face a recall effort by opponents of gay marriage -- as could the two other commissioners. A recall vote could take place this summer.

On March 3, the four commissioners met privately and decided among themselves, with no public hearings, that the county would begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. That infuriated many, including the Christian right, a major force in Oregon's Republican Party.

John Belgarde, state director for the Christian Coalition of Oregon, which heads the recall effort, said the problem is not what was done, but how.


Blumenthal preparing opinion on same-sex marriage
 Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. -- State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal plans to issue his opinion on the legality of same-sex marriage in Connecticut on Monday, the same day Massachusetts is expected to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples to comply with a court order.

"The issues are really historic and profoundly significant," Blumenthal said Friday. "It was enormously challenging, but we are bound by the law as the legislature and courts have established it. We're doing our very best to articulate the current state of the law."

His ruling comes in response to requests from local officials and a letter from Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney questioning if laws in any state permitted gay couples to marry.

Romney said in a letter to leaders in 49 states that out-of-state gay couples will be prohibited from marrying when same-sex marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts on Monday unless the laws in their home state permit the marriages. Blumenthal said he has been in touch with attorneys generals in several states and indicated that some of them will opt not to respond.


Catholics, Protestants, Jews Join on the Eve of History to Bless Gay and Lesbian Couples Preparing to be Wed
News Advisory:

WHAT: On the eve of history - as committed, loving gay and lesbian couples are able to receive the critical rights and protections that come only through civil marriage - leaders of Massachusetts' many communities of faith join in an interfaith prayer service to celebrate the issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples and to bless couples who are planning to legally marry.

WHY: Because civil marriage is a civil right. Civil marriage is not the same as religious marriage. We rejoice that same-sex couples and their children will now be able to receive the legal protections that they have been denied. We also remind people that the issuance of civil marriage licenses does not affect the ability of each faith tradition to decide for itself which religious marriages to perform and which marriages to religiously recognize.


Some Baptists concerned over gay cruise
Associated Press

DALLAS -- The Southern Baptist Convention Annuity Board is drawing criticism from some within the denomination because it owns about $14 million worth of stock in Carnival Cruise Lines, which is hosting a "Gay Days" cruise.

The annuity board administers the medical and retirement plans for the denomination's pastors. Its investment in Carnival already had brought disapproval from Baptists opposed to the casinos and alcohol sales offered on the company's "fun ships."


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