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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Area Catholics sign letter urging tolerance for same-sex couples
By Lisa Guerriero

Some area leaders and about 100 Catholics from across the state urged residents Friday to act respectfully toward same-sex couples.

Fitchburg Police Chief Edward Cronin, FSC President Robert V. Antonucci, Rev. Richard Lewandowski and Deacon Benjamin A. Nogueira of Fitchburg's St. Camillus Parish and Rev. Robert D. Bruso of Fitchburg's Saint Anthony di Padua Church are some of the area Catholics who signed a letter asking for compassion in light of same-sex couples gaining marriage rights Monday.

"It's a very sensitive time," Lewandowski said. "For us to not be proactive would be to lessen our responsibility as leaders in the Commonwealth."

The letter asks residents to treat same sex-couples and their families with respect and defend the "fundamental human rights of homosexuals" despite the heated debate over marriage rights.


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