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Sunday, April 11, 2004

United Future attacks 'gay marriage' bill
By KEVIN TAYLOR, United Future has taken out a newspaper advertisement attacking the Government for "more pink think" over a bill allowing gay and heterosexual couples to enter into relationships with the status of marriage.

The Civil Union Bill creates a new form of relationship for same-sex and heterosexual couples by legalising and registering civil unions.

Opponents have labelled the legislation a "gay marriage" bill that undermines traditional marriage and family.

The advertisement, published in a Sunday newspaper yesterday and paid for by the taxpayer, comes after the party was knocked back last week when the Government turned to New Zealand First for support on the controversial foreshore and seabed legislation.


Group rallies against gay marriages
By David Robinson
LITTLE ROCK - A spirited group of more than 100 people rallied against same-sex marriages Friday on the steps of the state Capitol.


Lesbian Atlanta Politician Runs For Congress
by Newscenter Staff
(Atlanta, Georgia) 
Cathy Woolard who became the first lesbian City Council President in Atlanta is seeking to become the first lesbian in the state to be elected to Congress. Woolard is seeking the seat being vacated by Denise Majette, who is running for the U.S. Senate.


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