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Friday, April 09, 2004

Gay man sues Catholics over job
LONDON, April 9 (UPI) -- A homosexual social worker who was offered a job by a Roman Catholic group but then denied the job is suing church officials in Britain. The 27-year-old man had been hired by Apostleship of the Sea, a Catholic group that visits ships docked in British ports to minister to sailors, the Independent reported Friday. But when the charity learned of the man's relationship with another man, the job was withdrawn, according to this week's The Tablet magazine, a Catholic weekly.


Bloch says OSC will process gay bias claims
The Office of Special Counsel will process claims of sexual orientation discrimination, even if they are not based on conduct, Special Counsel Scott Bloch said in an April 8 statement.

clarifying that “long-standing federal policy prohibits discrimination against federal employees based on sexual orientation.” The White House statement appeared to contradict recent remarks by the presidential appointee questioning whether employees who were discriminated against for being gay or lesbian could appeal those cases to OSC, which is the only agency that handles such cases.


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