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Sunday, April 25, 2004

these fools seem to never get the pronoun thing... they might as well pull the trigger..

Northwest Man (sic) Indicted in Transgender Killing
Washington (AP) - A D.C. Superior Court grand jury has indicted a Northwest man for the murder of a transgender man.

Prosecutors announced the three count indictment against 22-year-old Antoine Jacobs Sunday.

They allege Jacobs and 25-year-old Elvys Morales - who dressed as a woman (sic) - engaged in a sex act early one morning last August. Prosecutors say Jacobs found out Morales was a man (was..? or never was), later confronted him (sic) and allegedly shot him (sic) three times.


Massachusetts Warns Officials About Gay Marriages
BOXBORO, Mass. (AP) - Gov. Mitt Romney's top legal counsel told the state's justices of the peace Sunday to resign if they are unwilling to preside over same-sex marriages beginning next month.

Daniel Winslow said Romney expects the justices to comply with the law, even though the Republican governor opposes gay marriage and has sought to delay its court-ordered legalization on May 17.

"Gov. Romney understands and respects that people have very strong personal views both for or against same-gender marriage," Winslow told justices gathered to learn about the impending changes. "But on this point, the law is clear."


Call for travel boycott as Zanzibar bans gays
Gemma Bowes
The Observer
A gay rights group is calling for travellers to boycott Zanzibar after the East African island outlawed homosexuality.

The Tanzanian island's parliament passed a bill earlier this month to jail people in same-sex relationships for up to 25 years. Ministers declared tourism had corrupted traditional values in the largely Muslim state, stating that in Islam homosexuality is prohibited.

Peter Tatchell, spokesperson and campaigner for OutRage!, said: 'I would hope that both gay and straight travellers will boycott Zanzibar.'

However, the boycott call was described as an 'irresponsible and knee-jerk' reaction by a spokesman for specialist travel agent Zanzibar Travel. 'Has any thought been given to the local economy? It is the local people that would suffer from a reduced number of visitors. Tourism is the second-largest sector of the economy after spice production.'


Kuwait sex-change case upheld

A Kuwaiti court has said a 25-year-old man who underwent sex-change surgery can be officially regarded as a woman.

The unprecedented ruling came after the court was told of the plaintiff's physical and mental torment since childhood due to hormonal imbalances.

Lawyer Adel al-Yahya told Reuters news agency the judges were guided by a religious edict allowing gender change if there are medical reasons for it.

The ruling has to be approved by a higher court before it becomes final.

Mr Yahya, the plaintiff's lawyer, said he presented the court with an edict from Sunni Islam's top religious institution, al-Azhar, in Egypt.

Holland May Close Anti-Gay Mosque
by Newscenter Staff
(Amsterdam, Holland) Pressure is mounting from members of the Netherlands' Parliament to close a mosque in Amsterdam which promotes killing gays and the mutilation and beating of women.

The El Tawheed mosque is the most conservative in the city, preaching an extreme form of Islam.

The attacks on gays and women are contained in two books sold by the mosque. The mosque is under investigation by the public prosecutor. A majority of MPs form all parties say if the prosecutor finds the mosque guilty of promoting hate it should be closed.

The Amsterdam City Council is leading the push to close the facility.


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