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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

there's a survey at this site with the question:
Do you think anti-gay groups should be allowed to post fliers around the University of Louisville campus? Yes / No

the yes's are winning... this is sick... truly. sick.. go vote and screw up there results..

Anti-Gay Fliers Posted On U Of L Campus
School Allows Free-Speech Expression
LOUISVILLE -- Anti-gay fliers posted around the University of Louisville are asking students to vote for the marriage amendment.

The fliers, considered offensive to some students, greeted them as they went to class Wednesday morning, WLKY NewsChannel 32's Julia Harding reported.

The colorful fliers claim to list facts and statistics about homosexuals, suggesting that more homesexuals have AIDS and commit murder than those who are not gay.

"It's just weird to see that stuff, but they have the right to do that," U of L student Ben Beiting said Wednesday. "They're the facts. You can't dispute the facts."

Whether they're factual or not, another student said she's ignoring the fliers, Harding reported.

"I don't even pay attention to them," Stephanie Allgier said. "It's just another piece of information flying around campus. They have information everywhere."

A University of Louisville spokeswoman said that while the fliers do have a negative message, they are allowed to be posted in designated places.

"It just sounds like they're against gays," U of L student Jill Andres said. "They're totally anti-gay."

The timing of the controversy is interesting because the school also has been dealing with fliers posted by the Ku Klux Klan in recent months. The school ultimately decided the KKK postings are a free-speech issue, Harding reported.

"I don't think it affects that many people," Andres said. "I wouldn't have even seen (the anti-gay flier) if you hadn't said something to me."

The fliers are allowed to be posted in designated spots on campus, but those posted on trees and doors were taken down by 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, per university policy.


Study casts doubt on
Freudian idea of homosexuality

An old Freudian idea that’s contributed to beliefs that homosexuals aren’t fit for marriage should be scrapped, according to a new study by California State University, Sacramento child development professor Mark Biernbaum that will appear in the May/June Journal of Homosexuality.

Contrary to Freud’s theory, gay and lesbian individuals are not psychologically immature, according to Biernbaum’s study. They haven’t simply failed to grow into mental adulthood, which Freud believed caused them to seek partners of the same sex much like children seek playmates of the same sex.

Biernbaum found instead that gay and straight 18- to 25-year-olds with similar backgrounds responded almost identically to a questionnaire designed to test psychological maturity. That finding also rules out the idea that immaturity makes homosexuals more prone to mental illness.

“You can’t make the link between psychological immaturity and homosexuality. It doesn’t exist,” Biernbaum says. “Yes, gay people do seem to be much more at risk for mental illness, but I think it must be due more to societal factors than psychological factors.”


House committee discusses gay marriage amendment
Associated Press
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A gay man pleaded with state legislators Wednesday not to place a ban in the state Constitution that would bar him from marrying his partner of 11 years.

The House Committee on Children and Families heard the Senate version of legislation that would ask Missouri voters to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

The committee did not vote on the proposed constitutional amendment, however, and its chairwoman said she wasn't sure if there is enough time left in the legislative session to take a vote on sending the bill to the House floor, especially with a House version also moving. The session ends May 14.

The House still must take a final vote on its proposed amendment to send it to the Senate.


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