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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) - A John Wayne Airport painter filed a $500,000 discrimination lawsuit against Orange County claiming she was harassed because she is gay and was forced to work the graveyard shift as a form of punishment. Dana Darnell said the pattern of discrimination continued despite her complaints and the county never investigated her claims of harassment by a male supervisor and co-workers. An airport spokesman said he couldn't comment on personnel matters. Darnell, who has worked at John Wayne since 1994, said she has been on the graveyard shift most of her career and was rebuffed by her supervisor each time she asked for different hours.
The suit said Darnell complained to other supervisors and the airport's personnel office but her complaints were never investigated. Darnell, who has been on medical leave for a year, said the harassment and discrimination caused mental and emotional distress. The alleged harassment included bulletin board postings of anti-gay news articles, job applications for fast-food restaurants put in her mailbox and derogatory remarks by co-workers about her sexual orientation. There was no further comment from Darnell or her lawyer, K.D. Hughes.


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