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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Governor amends gay marriage, feticide bills
Associated Press Writer
Gov. Mark R. Warner has amended bills passed by the General Assembly that deny gay couples the benefits of marriage, make killing a fetus a felony and allow people with high school educations to home-school their children


Worcester clerk won't challenge gays
Declines to question applicant residency
By Jessica Bennett, Globe Correspondent
The Worcester city clerk said yesterday that he would not question gay couples seeking marriage licenses about their residency, becoming the second municipal official to ignore state officials who say gays from out of state will not be allowed to get married here.

Worcester City Clerk David J. Rushford said he would not ask whether same-sex couples filling out marriage applications intend to become residents of Massachusetts, saying that city clerks "shouldn't have to become the marriage police."

"It's not part of marriage law to challenge people," Rushford said, adding that his intent was not to be defiant, but to seek clarification from state officials. "It's not part of the Massachusetts law, it's not part of the regulations, and it's not the process we've ever used."

The question of whether only gays who are Massachusetts residents will be allowed to get married May 17 is has touched off debate around the state, in part because it will ultimately shape how limited or large a pool of gay couples will receive marriage licenses here. Gay-friendly tourist areas favor the broadest approach, permitting nonresidents and residents to marry.


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