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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Sebastopol extends benefits to gay couples
Sebastopol's City Council on Tuesday night approved a new policy recognizing same-sex unions and giving benefits to same-sex spouses of employees, saying there is a need to provide equal treatment.


Gay rental provision likely to get fine-tuning
By Gordon Y.K. Pang
The fate of a bill making it illegal to discriminate against gay people in rental housing will be decided later this month by senators and representatives in joint conference committee.


Hearing set on gay unions bill
CONCORD (AP) - The Senate has said no to recognizing gay marriages. Now the issue goes to the House of Representatives. Members of the House Judiciary Committee expect hundreds of people to turn out for a hearing today on legislation to block any legal recognition of same-sex unions performed in other states.


no.. we need to vote with our money... do not buy things that do not have domestic benefits, do not go to states that pass bills that discriminate against queers.. its time to vote with our dollars... move of of bigoted stated... now is the time to act and let it be known.. get others involved..

Gays threaten boycott of Stillwater
Stillwater business owners are roiling this week from news that some gays and lesbians are boycotting their businesses because of Stillwater Republican Michele Bachmann's stand on gay marriage.
Bachmann is the Senate author of a measure that would let voters decide whether to amend the state constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.


Married Or Not, Gays Gain Partner Coverage
Ashlea Ebeling,
NEW YORK - While gay marriage is a current hot-button issue for politicians, business leaders have been wrestling for years over whether to offer health coverage to their employees' domestic partners. As employers look into the benefits and costs of covering domestic partners, more and more of them are saying yes--not due to a court order or political pressure but because they think it makes good business sense.


Gay activist: Cops neglecting two murder investigations
Chicago police should be more aggressively investigating the recent stabbing deaths of two North Side gay men, gay activists charged Tuesday. Rick Garcia, a leader in the gay and lesbian community, said he has been told that investigators have not adequately canvassed the largely gay neighborhood near Belmont and Halsted about the murders. Garcia also said that police initially suggested one murder was the result of a domestic dispute and never informed the community when they determined that wasn't the case.


Talk show on Univisión angers gay rights groups

Univisión's 'Casos de Familia' talk show provokes outrage among gay rights groups and Pizza Hut, one of its major advertisers.


Thanks for coming out
By David Ehrenstein
The onslaught of gay weddings is the endpoint in a long process of overcoming the closet. Because only once you’re willing to stand up to being labeled a “fag” can you demand equal access to a rite as conservative as marriage.


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