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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Court Refuses To Hear Gay Marriage Case
(Charleston, West Virginia) - The West Virginia Supreme Court has refused to hear a case challenging the state's Defense of Marriage Act. The case was brought by four gay and lesbian couples who were denied marriage licenses in Kanawha County. County Clerk Alma King refused to grant the licenses citing DOMA. The couples' petition said that the refusal to give them licenses violated their right to equal protection under the West Virginia Constitution.


Social workers association to rally for same-sex marriage bills
(Providence-AP) -- A rally in support of legislation that would permit same-sex marriage will be held at the Statehouse tomorrow. The Rhode Island chapter of the National Association of Social Workers is coordinating the event.


Gay Lubbock High Students Won't Appeal Ruling
by Newscenter Staff
(Lubbock, Texas) 
Students who sought to organize a Gay Straight Alliance at Lubbock High School will not appeal a court ruling that said the school board could not be forced to let the group meet on campus. Last month a federal judge ruled that the school district had not violate the student's rights when it refused to recognize the group.


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