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Friday, April 16, 2004

Judge to hear arguments on Ore. gay marriage case
Associated Press
A Multnomah County judge is scheduled to hear oral arguments Friday from both sides of the gay marriage issue.

Supporters and opponents filed briefs this week in a lawsuit which is expected to decide the issue on same-sex marriages. Portland is now the only major U.S. city still granting marriage licenses to same sex couples. The documents filed cite experts on human sexuality and explored the intentions of Oregon's pioneer founders.


US LGBs take to streets over finance discrimination
Eric Johnston, Network
Gay activists organised demonstrations on Thursday evening in 38 US cities, to protest discrimination in the tax code against same-sex couples who cannot get married.

"The government takes our tax money but then refuses to treat us as equals before the law," said Robin Tyler, executive director of -- The Equality Campaign, which organised the rallies.

Tyler said because gay couples cannot legally marry, the federal government forces them to enter into a "legal fiction of being single" on tax returns.

Demonstrations were planned outside post offices from Washington to Texas, from Massachusetts to Florida, and in every city in California where post offices were staying open late for last-minute tax filers.


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