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Friday, April 09, 2004

Jury finds man guilty of double murder
Paul Moore's half brother convicted of arson in 2003 killings of girl and cross-dressing teen.
By Vic RyckaertJurors convicted two men late Thursday in connection with the killing of a cross-dressing teen and his female friend. When Paul Moore's sexuality was threatened after an intimate encounter with a person he believed was a woman, prosecutors say, he gunned down Brandie Coleman, 18, and Gregory Johnson, 17. Johnson dressed as a woman and answered to the name Nireah.


Gay ITC student disputes election
He was cut from campus ballot
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A student at the Interdenominational Theological Center said the school prevented him from running for office this week because he is gay. The elections were held Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Rev. Christopher Brown's name was not on the ballot. A few weeks ago, Brown, 29, filed the paperwork to run for president of ITC's Morehouse School of Religion, as well as a spot on the ITC Board of Trustees. He said he was cleared of all requirements for candidacy and even participated in a debate with other candidates. A few days later, he said, he was told he could not run.


Gay-themed book sparks objection
By Andy GammillA child's question about two princes kissing in a picture book prompted his father to complain and may spur the Shelby County Library to move the book out of reach of young children.


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