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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

March 8, 2004 Contact:
For Immediate Release Julie Dorf
Director of Philanthropic Services
415.398.2333 x103

Murder of Gwen Araujo Spurs Philanthropic Fund

SAN FRANCISCO - With the Gwen Araujo murder trial set to begin on March 15, Gwens family, community activists, and Horizons Foundation have joined forces to create the Gwen Araujo Memorial Fund for Transgender Education. This fund will make small grants to school programs that promote understanding of transgender people and issues among youth. Gwens mother, Sylvia Guerrero, said, *I am so committed to ensuring that what happened to my daughter does not happen to anyone else. The hatred of others because they are different must stop, and this fund will help break the cycle of ignorance and violence ? with kids in
their schools and with their parents.*

Horizons Foundation is a philanthropic social justice organization that has been serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community throughout the Bay Area for more than 20 years. ?As a community foundation, Horizons has a special responsibility to pull together all LGBT people in the Bay Area, through a vehicle such as this fund, to help end the kind of violence and hatred that led to Gwens death, said Roger Doughty, Executive Director of Horizons Foundation. We are proud to be the home of the fund and to work closely with Gwens family and other members of our community to have a real impact on youth.

For more information and press photos, see Horizons Foundation

Horizons Foundation; 870 Market, Suite 728; San Francisco, CA 94102; Telephone 415.398.2333; Fax 415.398.4783;; Horizons Foundation

Horizons Foundation is a social justice philanthropic organization
serving the entire spectrum of LGBT communities. To fulfill this
mission, Horizons creates strong organizations meeting the needs,
advancing the rights, and celebrating the lives of LGBT people and
communities; generates a diverse group of informed, generous supporters giving time, energy, and resources to the LGBT community; and educates the public about the nature and impacts of homophobia.


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