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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Of legal hurdles and ‘licentious acts’... (from indian press)


Sarah Lawrence College accomodates transgender students
by Stacy Waite, College Editor
March 10, 2004

Students who cannot make a decision between the traditional male or female bathrooms will not be forced to choose at Sarah Lawrence College next year.


TV crew attacked by man over gay marriage debate
11:47 AM PST on Wednesday, March 10, 2004
The debate about gay marriage has escalated into violence in Portland as a TV crew was attacked.
The attacker had left violent death threats on the voicemail of two Multnomah County commissioners.

Brandon Rogers said he meant every hateful word he said when asked about the phone messages he left for the two county commissioners.


Politicians hit a hot button
Gay marriage debate has drawn elected officials into roles that may affect their futures - and shape opinion on the issue.
By Noel c. Paul and Sara B. Miller | Staff writers of The Christian Science Monitor
– Massachusetts lawmakers will reconvene Thursday to continue work they left unfinished a month ago: deciding how to handle the sensitive question of gay marriage.


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