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Friday, March 26, 2004

Judge turns down lawmakers seeking to join gay marriage lawsuit
By SARAH LINN  / Associated Press
A Multnomah Circuit Court judge has turned down a request by 14 state lawmakers who wanted to join a lawsuit over the legality of gay marriages in Oregon. Judge Frank Bearden on Friday rejected the Republican legislators' "motion to intervene" in the suit filed Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union, because he said it would slow down proceedings.


May they will have a gay book Burning next...

Committee restricts access to gay-themed book
In a vote of 8-3 , the Freeman Elementary School Media Advisory Committee decided that access to a book about a gay marriage should be regulated. The book will be placed under lock and key and accessible only to adults, including teachers and parents. The parents who filed the complaint are satisfied with the decision. They said they never wanted the book banned, they simply didn't feel it was appropriate for all young children.


Gay marriage opponents unsure of next move
TOPEKA, Kan. -- Gay marriage opponents were not sure of their next move after the Senate narrowed a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution that they championed -- and later killed it.


Religion notes: State Episcopalians support gay marriage
The Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has approved a resolution affirming the state Supreme Judicial Court's November 2003 ruling on civil marriage for same-sex couples. The vote was taken during the convention's day-long meeting held on March 13 at Boston University.


Chairwoman pilloried, praised on same-sex marriage
While Diane Linn listens to views in a public hearing, 15 state lawmakers ask to intervene in a test case
Multnomah County Chairwoman Diane Linn is a tyrant who threatens democratic society. Multnomah County Chairwoman Diane Linn is a political hero worthy of President Kennedy's book "Profiles in Courage."
The county official who opened the door to same-sex marriages faced critics and admirers alike in a public hearing Thursday for the first time since her controversial March 3 decision. An overflow crowd and increased security packed the Multnomah Building hearing room where 51 speakers poured out their views for and against gay marriage for two hours. More hearings will be held next week. In the end, commissioners are expected to vote on a resolution that would reaffirm Linn's decision to issue marriage licenses "to all qualified persons regardless of their gender or social orientation."


"Sanctity of Marriage" rally awash in ugly rhetoric
Jim Baron 03/22/2004
Well, things got more than just a little bit ugly at the "Sanctity of Marriage" rally at the Statehouse last week.
As hate-spewing tirades go, KKK gatherings in Alabama in 1962 had nothing on some of Tuesday’s speeches, which were aimed not at glorifying marriage but at vilifying homosexuals.


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