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Friday, March 26, 2004

boycott Dean foods...

Dallas-based Dean Foods won’t recognize gay worker’s wedding certificate from S.F.
Employee’s request for spousal insurance denied; Firm has no comment
By David Webb
Staff Writer
Dallas-based Dean Foods is one of the first major U.S. companies that refuses to recognize of out-of-state marriage certificates for same-sex couples when an employee applies for spousal health insurance benefits. Chicago resident David Greer, 35, who is employed by the dairy food company’s information technology department, was refused spousal benefits when he produced a copy of the San Francisco marriage certificate issued to him and his partner Lee Neubecker, 31. A company official informed him of the decision verbally but declined put the denial in writing, he said. The couple was married on Feb. 19. Greer presented the certificate with his request for benefits to his employer upon their return to Chicago from San Francisco. Human Rights Campaign education director Kim I. Mills said that Dean Foods is the first company that she has heard of to deny spousal benefits to same-sex couples married in San Francisco and other states. But she is expecting more.


New partership law presents challenges for officials
Associated Press
TRENTON, N.J. -- With three months to go before New Jersey's domestic partnership law takes effect, the state is still working out the details of how same-sex couples will register.
The town clerks who will handle the process say they know little about it.
After July 1, same-sex partners will be able to legally have many of the same rights as married couples, but details such as how much a registration will cost, what the certificate will look like and how many people may sign up for it are still unknown.


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Convenes Power Summit on Eve of Massachusetts Constitutional Convention Vote on Gay Marriage
 WASHINGTON - March 26 - -- Grassroots Leaders from Across the Nation Gather in Boston

-- Media Opportunities at Gay Advocates Power Summit

WHAT: Task Force New England Power Summit

WHO: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force & 100 plus Activists

-- Matt Foreman, Task Force executive director -- Barney Frank, Massachusetts Representative

WHEN: March 26 - 28, 2004

WHERE: Sheraton Boston Hotel (Prudential Center) & Various Boston Neighborhoods.


Mayor to introduce marriage legislation
By Chris Glazner
Assistant City Editor
March 26, 2004
Carrboro Mayor Mike Nelson plans to introduce a proposal in April to the Board of Aldermen that would ask state legislators to draw up a bill that would nullify portions of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. The proposal will come as the Chapel Hill Town Council takes action on similar petitions brought forward this week by council member Mark Kleinschmidt.


WWGRD: What will gay Republicans do?
Will the Bush-endorsed anti-same-sex marriage amendment drive gays from the GOP?


support the UN in passing this accord...

Canada captains UN push for gay rights resolution
 Steven Edwards
CanWest News Service
Friday, March 26, 2004
Canada is leading a push for a United Nations ruling on homosexual rights that Christian activist groups say would deny religions the freedom to reject the gay lifestyle. Islamic countries also oppose the proposed resolution, saying it would force them to legalize a lifestyle that is an "offence to Muslims." Under the heading "Human Rights and Sexual Orientation," the draft says governments should promote and protect human rights of people "regardless of their sexual orientation."


Gay marriage debate sparks change in employee benefits


Judicial-legislative fight under way 
Proposal would keep courts from influencing laws
Associated Press
FRANKFORT, Ky. — Some Kentucky judges objected yesterday to a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit the power of courts in giving orders to the General Assembly.


Gay Marriage Protest Planned
March 26, 2004
Ohio has banned gay marriage but that won't stop same-sex couples from applying for marriage licenses in Cleveland. A projected 100 gay couples are planning to apply for the licenses Friday at Cuyahoga County Probate Court. The Lesbian Gay Community Center of Greater Cleveland is organizing the event which also will include a rally


no, wrong.. we must push forward and see the specter of hate for what it is.. have the beast show itself.. do not corer in the corner...

Gay Dems tell mayor to shelve gay bills
Williams supports gay marriage but will defer to gay Stein Democratic Club
Friday, March 26, 2004
Expressing concern that Congress might impose a sweeping, anti-gay law on the District, the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club has urged D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams against taking steps to recognize same-sex marriages issued in Massachusetts. In a March 17 meeting, the gay Democratic group’s officers told Williams they would prefer that he hold off on advancing legislation or executive orders pertaining to gay marriage, civil unions or other “high profile” gay issues, at least until after the November congressional and presidential election, if not longer.


Taking the fight back to Baylor
When Baylor’s president censured the school paper for backing gay marriage, he opened a door that won’t be closing.
TWO WEEKS AGO, the Baylor University campus was filled with can-you-believe-its and why-would-they-do-its, as the media triangulated once again around the school. They’d been here before, to cover infamous conduct by the basketball players, coaches and even university presidents at a school that professes Christian principles.


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