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Friday, March 12, 2004

IT is time to act... if you do nothing you are complicit in the act of discrimination and the possible rise of hate crimes..

it is easy... with many options:

the simple first:

1. buy a rainbow flag..

2. support Lambda Legal defense fund..who's doing all the legal work for us queers

3. be queer that is right.. wear a tee shirt that has a pink triangle on it or a saying *queer, here, and proud* - *white, black, gay or straight, everyone deserves equal rights*

4. make phone call, call you state and local representatives, daily

the harder part...

1. go get act of civil disobedience, in every town and city at every court house.. at least once an hour, a same gender couple should go to the court house to get married..

if you do nothing but sit by and watch, it's like watching a crime taking place and doing nothing!!!

NO!! it is participating in a crime and not knowing...

act now... do not be guilty of passivity while you brothers and sisters are being discriminated against...


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