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Friday, March 12, 2004

this is a civil rights issue.

I have watched in horror as state-after-state has voted to add constitutional amendments take rights away from queers. I have read and heard hate speech coming from the president to local officials, cloaked in religious dogma, justifying their acts of discrimination and hate. I have heard the great compromise in massachusetts of creating a two tiered system. know this; NO MATTER WHAT - SEPARATE BUT EQUAL IS NOT EQUAL...

this is a civil rights issue. and if these actions where based on the color of ones skin, country of origin, or ones spiritual practice, there would be outrage, but I have not seen outrage. what I have witness is inaction and a continuation of day-to-day commerce, life going on.

I have seen and acted, as these crooked deeds of this president turn into a list too long and heinous to even begin to imagine; acts that has cost many lifes, wiped away liberties, and steadily taking steps that will destroy the earth we live on. I have seen this imperialist patriarchal regime kidnapped world leaders, lie to the world, imprison individuals without trial, cut back on HIV treatment (big time here in san francisco - a coincidence?), put forth ideas like gender segregation, and reduced education to a joke based on testing - and still it seems as if we go about our days, buying goods and exchanging pleasantries

when I hear this unelected dictator speak words like: *we can be confident in the ways of Providence. ..., there's a dedication and purpose, set by the hand of a just and faithful God.* - *"The course of this conflict is not known, yet its outcome is certain. Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them.* *The union of a man and woman is the most enduring human institution.* and, *You're doing God's work with conviction and kindness.*

and when I see this fake president allowing religious charities a greater hand in delivering social services, all the while cutting back existing support systems

and I hear a president speak on limiting the power of activist judges that interpret the law, and legislate from the bench; judges that put bush in office, the kind of judges that stopped the ban of interracial marriage, judges that struck down the sodomy laws, and judges that acted on Roe vs. Wade

when I see overt discrimination bills being passed, hate speech bandied about and hate crimes on the rise; and when I see life go on, lost in the security of the job, abandoned humanity to the time clock, and everyone just existing in a system that puts forth dogma and promotes; greed, discrimination and hate... I can no longer stand by, as my brothers and sisters, are murdered, lose there jobs, and are placed in a separate but equal system.

it is time to stop business as normal - shut it down. every act must be a revolutionary act, every act must be an act of resistances to this regime. we must be bold in the face of a police state and fear of discrimination and loss of employment. we must be nomadic, and step forth before it's to late...

we need to stand up and chant the chant I heard last night at the state building, listening to a sweet gay couple who was denied the right to get married...


ACT NOW.. every act counts-.. support lambda legal defense fight in almost every state to defend queers that are being discriminated against.. take a stand today... live life as a revolution!!!

it's time amerika to wake-up.


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