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Friday, March 12, 2004

call Mitt today.. do not let this happen, tell Mitt to abide by the court

Gov. Mitt Romney May Ask Courts To Postpone Gay Marriages
Mar. 12, 2004
Another big development in the gay marriage controversy that has been the talk of the nation for weeks now. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said today he may ask the state supreme court to postpone the start of gay marriages this spring.
That's because the state legislature has given preliminary approval to a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriages but legalize civil unions.


Rx: Marriage
By Gary Cohan, M.D., FACP 
What are the medical benefits of equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians? A California physician predicts weddings could usher in improved self-esteem, decreased self-destructive behaviors, clearer priorities, and better health.


County evaluating state AG's opinion on gay marriages
By TYPH TUCKER  / Associated Press
Oregon's most populous county is evaluating whether to continue issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, after an opinion by the state's attorney general found that the county was breaking state law.
Rebecca Uherbelau, a county spokeswoman, said that the county would issue licenses until the close of business on Friday.
After that, she said, the marital license office will be closed to everyone until noon on Monday, while county officials evaluate the opinion issued Friday by Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers.


Oregon AG Questions Gay Marriage Ban
Associated Press
SALEM, Ore. - The attorney general said Friday that banning gay marriage probably violates Oregon's constitution, effectively placing the issue in the hands of the state's highest court.


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