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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

At 10:45 a.m., George W. Bush did something no other president
in U.S. history has ever done: he demanded a constitutional
amendment to require discrimination in America.

With this endorsement, President Bush struck a cruel blow
against equality and liberty in our country; he escalated the
fight for marriage equality to a dangerous and divisive new
level. Now it's your turn to make history visit

That is why we are launching a comprehensive campaign to
accomplish 4 crucial goals:

1) Stop the anti-marriage, anti-family Federal Marriage
2) Block similar efforts to deny marriage equality at the state
3) Multiply public education efforts on a national scale.
4)Preserve the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision of
November 2003.

We need your support to move forward with this campaign. Visit us here to donate now.

These are difficult goals to undertake. We need your help to
raise $500,000 by Friday to jumpstart this campaign. In
November, you helped us raise over $200,000 to place ads in
newspapers around the country. Those ads impacted millions of

Today, we need to try and at least double that effort to
strengthen our marriage equality campaign. We know we can with
your help, please visit use here


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