poetics, time, body disruption and marginally queer solutions

Monday, January 05, 2004

recycle at will

as though intended to reproduce and multiply, as either a manual or half truth; bewitched, burnt, and other; as a bastard lie or a modest proposal, descending a spoken lower case; as though spawned, spit at, child of a leather garment. some may have thought, red letters to the fruit of oxen and neither equal to or more or less than a hesitation worth a fuller brush in a dish shop. crossed dressed in massive f bones, curd and void with dirigible over field reminders. as if unrepentant silicone clouds on days when the sky disappears, comes closer to low than monotonous. in the hum of thought, an ubiquitous slim fit daguerreotype emits a phoenix and what else. there a molten cul de sac congeals, the spoils of meat and rotten teeth, a double yolk and the rest half gone with the newness of a twist top.


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