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Friday, October 27, 2006

Is there anything gay about them?

Vikram Seth might have signed the letter for decriminalisation of homosexual act. But the ground reality is still very different.

Recently, Baguiati residents Nisha Singh and Nisha Upadhyay committed suicide. The reason was the refusal of society to accept their same-sex love.

In the past two years, this is the fourth such incident in the state where couples have ended their lives. So, how difficult is it for city lesbians to stay afloat in such an unsympathetic environment?


Postal workers refuse to deliver 'anti-gay' mail

Canada Post plans to go ahead with the delivery of controversial booklets this week, despite protests from Vancouver postal workers who refused to distribute the mail they called "homophobic."

"It hasn't gone out today because of all the attention and we wanted to make sure other mail wasn't disrupted," Lillian Au, communications manager for Canada Post's pacific region, told


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At 5:12 PM, Blogger MatteBlk, Catalyst4Christ said...

Homosexuals have every RITE to
Seventh-Heaven IF they repent nX.


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