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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hoping Md. Is 'Ready for a Person Like Me'
House Candidate Would Be State's 1st Transgender Lawmaker

Dana Beyer rapped on a door at the end of a leafy Silver Spring cul-de-sac. A woman answered. She listened to the candidate's spiel, sought her views on abortion rights (for) and growth (against) and found little on which the two did not agree.
"It's good to see more women running," she told the candidate as the two parted.

For the five decades preceding a fateful 2003 trip to San Francisco, Dana Beyer lived her life as a man named Wayne. The September primary will tell whether her legislative district, one of the most progressive in Maryland, is ready to elect the state's first transgender lawmaker.


School Board Asks Students If They're Gay
(New York City) As high school students head back to classes for the start of a new year districts across the country face a patchwork of policies regarding LGBT students.  While the number of Gay-Straight clubs grows nationwide some school boards have dug in their heels to block LGBT students from organizing.


Katrina's queer victims: Still suffering

One year later the lives of many LGBT New Orleans residents remain in tatters—no thanks to George Bush's "faith-based" charities, most of which condemn homosexuality and refuse to recognize, much less assist, our families.


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