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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brutal Gay Bashing Sparked By Suspected Butt Touch Documents Show 

(Santa Fe, New Mexico) The kidnapping and repeated beating of a gay Santa Fe man to "scare him straight" was sparked by the belief he had touched the behind of one of the accused assailants court documents show.

William York, 21, Leroy Segura, 19, and two minors - a boy and a girl - are charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery causing great bodily injury, false imprisonment and conspiracy.

The 18-year old victim and a female friend - their names have not been released for their own security - had gone to a party at a local home but when they tried to leave the four became verbally abusive.  When they managed to get outside the group jumped them.

They were held and the gay man was beaten by the suspects who said that they were going to beat him straight. The beatings continued throughout the night and into the next morning.


Calif. GOP lawmakers snub gay honorees

Several California GOP lawmakers stormed off the Assembly floor in the state Capitol Monday during a ceremony to honor the achievements of six high-profile gay Californians, Sacramento television station KXTV reported.

The Legislature's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus sponsored the first Pride Recognition Awards, a program members say is designed to recognize the accomplishments of people in various fields who happen to be gay. But approximately 10 Republicans either walked out or boycotted the event altogether.


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