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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

[LGBTNepal] Harassment and Violence by Security (Police) Personnel in Pokhara, Nepal

Date: 10th July 2006
Victims: Namoona and Bindhyia
Place: Magic Club, Lakeside, Pokhara


Security Personnel's harassment and violence against Metis (effeminate males) has increased in Pokhara City. On 10th July 2006, two Mettis Bindhyia and Namoona (member of Blue Diamond Society, Pokhara city, Nepal) were dancing in Magic Club, Lake Side in Pokhara. Meantime, A Police personnel (sergeant) from Lakeside Police station in Pokhara asked Namoona to go out with him for sex but she refused. At that time, he went out and returned immediately. Then the police man caught Namoona and accused her of stealing his Mobile phone and Purse. Namoona with the help from Bindhyia tried to defend herself saying she was innocent. But the Police personnel took Bindhyia and Namoona to Lakeside Police station. Both of the Metis were beaten and harassed in side police custody at that night. The Police know the Metis were innocent but he just wanted to take revenge that he couldn't have sex with the Metis. BDS Pokhara staff and the Metis guardians' went police station next morning and put pressure on the Police. After the lobby and pressure the Police released the two Metis without any charge. Blue Diamond Society is extremely concern over the wide spread violence against Sexual Minorities and Gender Minorities in Nepal and very sad the police behavior and attitude has not changed at all after the political change in Nepal where marginalized communities had hope for better Human Rights situation in Nepal.

BDS office in Pokhara has also witnessed more than 30 females arrested from different dance places and believes they are still in detention by the Lake Side Police Stataion, Pokhara. We demand their early release and ask Human Rights Groups and Organization to voice for the Human Rights protection of Marginalized groups in Nepal.

In solidarity

Krishna P. Adhikati
Project Coordinator
Pokhara city office
Sunil B Pant
Blue Diamond Society


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