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Friday, July 29, 2005

The fluidity of gender

A Southridge High grad looks like a girl, but lives like a boy Name: Megan "Danny" O'Dell Age: 18 School: 2005 Southridge High School graduate Danny and the Dance Revolution: Megan O'Dell came out to her mother in 10th grade because she ran out of excuses for staying late after school.

As O'Dell put it, "Only so many times can you tell your mom you're staying after school for Dance Dance Revolution Club," the music video game in which players try to keep up with computer-directed dance moves on a mat outfitted with pressure sensors.

In fact, O'Dell had been attending meetings of Southridge High's gay-straight alliance and coming to terms with her identity as a transgender lesbian. "Just because you were born a female doesn't mean you feel like a girl on the inside," explains O'Dell, who prefers to be called Danny and uses male pronouns to describe himself.


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