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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spanish MPs approve gay marriages

Spain's lower house of parliament has voted in favour of allowing gay couples to marry and adopt children.

The controversial decision overrules last week's rejection of the bill by the upper house, the Senate.

The bill will become law in a month's time, making Spain Europe's third nation after the Netherlands and Belgium to allow same sex marriages.

Polls suggest most Spaniards back the move, although two weeks ago thousands joined a Madrid rally against the bill.


At 4:10 AM, Blogger A.R.B. said...

Look, it’s the same thing all over. It is the same right-wing fundamentalist groups backed-up by, god help us, religious organizations—and here in Spain we have the mother of them all: Ms. Vatican—that will protest against equality of rights but not against war, disease and poverty. That bishops rallied in Madrid against the gay marriage bill in order to protect the “family” tells great truths about the church and the political parties that support it. Remoras and sharks, sharks and remoras. I don’t know the order any more.


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