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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

“Kaaya - Beyond Gender”

An exhibition of photographs by the transgender community of Delhi

A close look at the lives of transgender community
Mandira Nayar

NEW DELHI: Dressed in a bright salwar-kameez and wearing layers of make-up, Bobby just wants the impossible: to be a woman. Trapped between genders, she is one of many people who have never had the chance of being "normal". Focusing on a world that is caught in between, this is her story.
"We live separately. People don't like us living next to them. We have nothing, no mother, no father, and feel very alone. No one really cares about us. People don't see us as human beings. We have dreams too and we get hurt too," says Bobby, a member of a transgender community at the opening of "Kaaya: Beyond Gender -- A Window into the Lives of a Transgender Community", a photo-exhibition in the Capital on Thursday.


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