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Sunday, April 17, 2005

From: [LGBTNepal] - Are we secure in this lawless country?

Previously I was pretty sure that in Nepal at least at Katmandu we are secure because it is Kingdom and lots of security forces and human right activists are here for our security. My that beliefs came to absurd when I saw the brutal cuts and wound of Roshani  that caused due to brutal lathi charge and boot charge of security force at new-year eve-2062. Roshani who was one of the victim among 18, of that mishap that caused by security forces at Kantipath. Yesterday when she called me for dressing of that wounds and Massage, there I became unconscious after getting such a terrible wounds that I haven not seen yet in my whole life. In her body ,believe me, there is no space to past the massage cream –all cuts and swollen. She told me that police beat her so hard by Guns' Kurda, boot and LAthi of cane. She told me that there is deep pain in her cheast, neck, and lungs.The whole body was aching.


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