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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tragic Accident of Metis after been assaulted by
sunil pant

On 10th March 2005 around 11 PM, Group of Metis (Siddhi, Sonia, Gayatri, Roshani) were returning home from a restaurant via Jamal (near valley police head quarter, Kathmandu). A police mobile van stopped once the police saw the Metis and started chasing all the Metis (remember, these days police always chase Metis whenever, wherever they see them and try to take money or have free sex with the Metis). All the Metis then rushed into a Taxi and ran a way but the police van followed and overtook and stooped the taxi before they reached Thamel in Kathmandu. Then all Metis were pulled out from the taxi. The police abused and punched, Kicked all the Metis.

After the bloody attack police left the Metis and the Taxi driver agreed to drive off them home. But their bad luck didn't end there. While driving near Ganeshwore on the way back home another Taxi Hit their Taxi. All Metis that already assaulted by police injured seriously. They have been treated at Bir Hopsital, Blue Diamond Society bared the expenses and trying to help to get the compensation for injured. Taxi Driver, Bijaya Khakda (taxi number Ba 1 Ja 7905) has runaway but the taxi has been controlled by Valley Traffic Police at Baggikhana.  The driver and the owner haven't contacted the authority yet. Police said compensation to the victims and medical expenses had to be covered by the Driver and the Taxi owner but nobody has contacted Metis and started any process. Police has done nothing further related to this tragic incident with Metis.


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