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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

County may join push for gay marriage Lesbian couple lobbies for support.
By Kate Williamson
Staff Writer

REDWOOD CITY -- Denied the opportunity to wed in San Mateo County by state law Monday, Ramona Gatto and her partner Arzu Gatto now plan to lobby the Board of Supervisors to support a bill that would change that law.

Ramona Gatto is scheduled to meet with Board of Supervisors President Richard Gordon next week to discuss the possibility of lending support to a bill before the state Legislature that would define marriage as civil contract between "two persons."


Activists re-introduce same-sex marriage bill
Jim Baron

PROVIDENCE -- Cheering, clapping and holding signs that read, "Love doesn’t discriminate and neither should RI," gay and lesbian couples and activists rallied at the Statehouse Tuesday to support legislation that would allow them to marry legally.

"Discrimination against gay and lesbian families must end," declared Providence Sen. Rhoda Perry, the Senate sponsor of the bill who told the group her area of expertise is civil rights and civil liberties.

One of the House sponsors, Rep. Edith Ajello of Providence, said, "this is about enabling our children to be happy in their adult lives."


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