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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Transsexual's appeal against army non-admission fails

PRAGUE- The military medical commission in Hradec Kralove, east Bohemia, has today definitely turned down the appeal of Jaroslava Brokesova, who was allegedly rejected by the military because she changed her sex, Brokesova said.

Brokesova, 38, said she feels discriminated against by the military's rejection. She said the commission changed the official reason for non-admission from transsexuality to health problems.

"They clearly erred by not considering me a woman," Brokesova said. She added that she does not yet know how to respond to the commission's decision and that she must consult her lawyer first. She said she may require financial compensation.


Indiana Gay Marriage Ban Upheld
by Newscenter Staff

(Indianapolis, Indiana) The Indiana Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that the state's so-called defense of marriage act is legal.

"What we decide today is that the Indiana Constitution does not require the governmental recognition of same-sex marriage," the court said in a written ruling, noting that "the Legislature is certainly free to grant such recognition or create a parallel institution under that document.''


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