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Thursday, January 13, 2005

From: Proyecto Agenda - Informative bulletin []

“To honor diversity is to honor life”

Montevideo (Uruguay). EELMS - Due to initiatives by LGBT groups in this South American country, a request to designate public space to honor sexual diversity was filed at the “Comisión de Nomenclatura de la Junta Departamental”.

The bill was presented last year in front of the departmental legislative body and was approved immediately. The bill was then sent to the executive branch to announce to new bill and for this one to be presented in front of the full house last December.

The request presented to the Commission proposed calling a recently built space in the city, “Sexual Diversity Square”. This space is located in the old city's historic district, very near Sarandi Street, which is currently a cultural meeting point. The proposal included pacing a pink granite triangular monument with the inscription: “To honor diversity is to honor life”; Montevideo for respecting all genders, identities and sexual orientations.

Included in the groups that participated in this initiative are: Grupo Diversidad, Grupo LGTTB de Amnistía Internacional Uruguay, Biblioteca GLTTIB, Centro de Investigación y Estudios Intersexuales (CIEI), Hermanas de la Perpetua Indulgencia (HPI), Encuentro Ecuménico para la liberación de las Minorías Sexuales (EELMS) and la Asociación de Lesbianas Uruguayas (ALU).


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