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Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami Disaster - Words for Relief

From: "apotia"
[LGBT - India]

Dear Friends

Your contributions, however small, will help us with the difficult and seemingly impossible tasks of both immediate relief and long-term reconstruction for the victims of the tsunami disaster.

Working in the relief effort can sometimes become a very demoralizing task. We suffer from crises of confidence and feelings of utter helplessness. In this context, words, good wishes, and prayers from people all over the world help us find the courage to go on.

For the survivors of the disaster, words of comfort can help as much as material goods to provide emotional relief.

In order to provide people with a formal forum where they can send in their messages of comfort and reassurance, we have set up a body called Words For Relief. We will try and get your messages translated and out to the people who need to hear your support.

You can e-mail your messages to:

Letters can be addressed to:
Words For Relief
20 Frankfort Place
Colombo 04

Please forward this widely.

In solidarity,

P.S. For more updates on the tsunami disaster, my experiences and the
relief effort, please visit my web log at


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