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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Gay Battleground Topeka
by The Associated Press

(Topeka Kansas) In the first civic litmus test of where America's gays stand following this month's election Topeka city council is preparing to be the first municipality since Nov. 2 to consider a gay rights initiative.

Already there is a battle line drawn in the sand between religious leaders. Some clergy said it creates special rights for one group and "violates divine law."

But other clergy said they support the proposal because it would protect gays and lesbians from discrimination in employment, housing, lending and access to public facilities.

The nine-member council plans to vote Tuesday. The proposal would amend existing ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion or disability to include sexual orientation "or gender identity or expression." Existing ordinances allow people who believe they are the victims of discrimination to file complaints with the city.


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