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Monday, October 25, 2004

witch hunt threatened

Ugandan weekly publication The Xtreme has this week revealed the names of people who they claim are homosexuals and has threatened to reveal more names, claiming that their list includes high profile business men and religious leaders.

The move, which could seriously affect people's livelihoods and perhaps even threaten their lives, is being roundly condemned by activists in the country and will undoubtedly create much negative attention world wide.

The article, which is filled with factual inaccuracies, is duplicated below - without the names mentioned being further duplicated. Much doubt can be cast over the validity of the claims that the magazine is making as they have not been able to formulate their argument in anything other than the basest of prejudiced and offensive terms. They even assume that homosexuals have "invaded" Uganda when clearly the people they are naming are themselves Ugandans.


backlash in full swing

The Anglican Church of Uganda continues to reject funds from any Diocese that supports the ordination of gay priests; President Museveni hails the churches for rejection of gays and the information minister defends the fining of Simba Radio, saying that they were "promoting homosexuality."

Uganda has gone from a promising environment for human rights and lesbian and gay activists, to a country showing off its intolerance towards minorities within a matter of weeks. Where once open debate and public discourse were a normal part of Ugandan life - a sudden spate of reports in national newspapers indicate that a backlash against liberalisation and democratic change, and certainly against tolerance for lesbian and gay people and their issues, may be in full swing.


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