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Friday, October 01, 2004

Texas sodomy law still on the books
Bar association members argued at meeting whether legislature should be prompted to erase sodomy law

The U.S. Supreme Court may have ruled the Texas sodomy law unconstitutional in 2003, but more than a year later, the law is still on the books in Texas.

An attorney who is trying to get the law removed fears police could still use it to make arrests.

At its biannual meeting this month, the State Bar of Texas’ board of directors was asked to consider a proposal that would request that the Texas legislature remove the Homosexual Conduct Statute from the law books.


Reggae act draws fire from Santa Cruz gay group

Santa Cruz’s gay community vows to protest Sunday night’s scheduled performance at the Catalyst by a popular reggae singer whose songs include homophobic lyrics.

At issue is what the word "burn" means, and whether words by dancehall favorite Capleton, from Jamaica, are directing gays to cleanse themselves or ordering others to kill homosexuals. Capleton insists he doesn’t advocate violence against homosexuals, and that his lyrics have been misinterpreted.

The Catalyst has no plans to cancel the performance, Eddy Dees, house manager for the club, said Thursday.

"Let them protest. I wouldn’t want to censor them, and I wouldn’t want to sensor Capleton," Dees said. "We’re The Catalyst. We don’t necessarily share his views, but we give him a forum to express his views."


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