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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Protest day planned for 'Son of Section 28'
Ben Townley, UK

Gay rights groups are calling for a day of protest in Kent, following the County Council's continued support of what has been dubbed the 'Son of Section 28'.

The protest day, scheduled for Saturday 13th November, comes a year after the government repealed Section 28 in national law. Immediately after this landmark decision, however, Kent County Council chose to implement similar policies that prohibit the "promotion of homosexuality".

The Queer Youth Alliance, the main campaigning group against Kent County Council, says it hopes the protest will urge councillors to think again on this issue.

"Kent's decision to hang onto this disgusting piece of legislation is a travesty for all of Kent's young people, gay and straight, and will only help to bring up another generation who think that homophobia is OK," Queer Youth president David Henry said in a statement today.


Opposition to Civil Partnerships grows at Tory grassroots
Ben Townley, UK

Nearly half of Conservative party constituency chairmen are opposed to giving marriage rights to same-sex couples, according to a survey from the BBC, putting them at odds with the party's new inclusive image.

Some 53 chairmen from 110 surveyed across the country told the BBC they were against giving the rights and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples.

These rights are currently being discussed in parliament through the Civil Partnership bill, which is set to have its second reading later this month.

In comparison, 35 of the constituency chairman support legislation to give equality to lesbian and gay couples, while 22 refused to answer or did not know.


Gay equality campaign recognised in Manchester
Ben Townley, UK

The 40th anniversary of one of the country's most important gay equality lobby groups is to be formally recognised in Manchester today.

Manchester Council has agreed to unveil a plaque at the city's Town Hall to mark the achievements of the North West Homosexual Reform Committee (NWHLRC), later renamed the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE).

The committee was formed on 7th October 1964, and originally intended to challenge laws that made gay sex a criminal offence.

It also hoped to prove a viable option for those lesbian and gay people outside of London. The capital already had a gay rights group that was working to change the laws, but was inaccessible to northern campaigners.


Guidelines For Homophobic Bullying

The government has announced that it will launch a new campaign later this year to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.

Stephen Twigg, the junior education minister, said that he will unveil new guidelines for teachers and schools so that they can deal with the problem as, "It is not acceptable now for schools to ignore this."

The guidelines will share best practice and will make it clear to schools that they will no longer be able to get away with "sweeping the issue under the carpet".

"I think it will be a very important and useful tool for schools, for head teachers, for governors and for school councils to use in the fight against homophobic bullying," Twigg told The Guardian.


Clerics to battle against same-sex marriage
The Express-Times

TRENTON -- Politicians who support same-sex marriages will face backlash at the voting booth, a group of about 125 Christian and Jewish clerics gathered here Monday warned.

The New Jersey Faith Alliance and the New Jersey Coalition to Preserve & Protect Marriage also began a petition drive to collect signatures from more than 1 million voters supporting their cause.


Turkey's bid to join EU gives voice to its homosexuals
Agence France-Presse

Long oppressed in a largely conservative society, Turkey's homosexuals are timidly coming out for freedom just as the country gears up to join the European Union (EU).

Ali Erol recalls the days back in 1994 when a group of aspiring homosexual activists went to the Human Rights Association, one of Turkey's leading rights groups, to seek support for their newly found organization, KAOS GL.

"They showed us the door saying, 'Your fancies and indulgences are of no interest to us'," he said in the KAOS GL office in downtown Ankara. "Today, we work side by side."

The homosexual movement in Turkey is still in its fledgling stages, but gays and lesbians are increasingly becoming outspoken. They are expanding their networks, organizing conferences and film festivals and taking part in May Day marches.


Utah man wanted for gay attack is in Billings jail
By The Associated Press

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - A Utah man accused of attacking and robbing two gay men in Salt Lake City is in the Yellowstone County jail on $200,000 bail awaiting extradition.

Scotty Hoerster, 25, appeared Monday in District Court, where he agreed to be extradited to Utah on felony charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

Utah authorities said Hoerster and another man beat and robbed the two men in April.

Hoerster and Larry Bates were arrested and charged but later failed to appear in court and warrants were issued for their arrest. Hoerster was arrested by Yellowstone County sheriffs deputies and booked into the county jail on Sept. 26. A warrant was issued for Bates arrest after he failed to appear in a Utah court on Sept. 30.


Same-sex couples hold rally in Reno

Same-sex couples from California whose controversial marriages earlier this year were ruled invalid by the state’s supreme court stopped Monday in Reno on a cross-country trip to raise support that culminates Monday with a national rally in Washington, D.C.

“Those weddings in San Francisco took us a step toward social acceptance,” said Brian Davis, one of about 40 members of the Marriage Equality Caravan. “That’s what we’re talking about here, social acceptance.”

The men — some, including Davis, wearing tuxedos, and women, some wearing wedding gowns — stood in front of the downtown federal building and carried signs that said, “We all deserve the freedom to marry.”

“We can be completely open wherever we are,” said Davis, who spoke while standing next to his partner, Ted Guggenheim. “We will be completely free.”


Alexander Not "Too Gay"

Hollywood bosses have slammed reports the release of historical epic Alexander has been delayed because the movie is "too gay". Reports last week suggested Warner Bros had put back the film's release to November so they could tone down love scenes between Colin Farrell's bisexual Alexander The Great and a Persian eunuch called Bagoas - played by Francisco Bosch. But bosses at Warner insist they are thrilled with the film - and changed the release date to help its chances at next year's Oscars. Pictures President of Production Jeff Robinov tells The Scoop, "That is completely untrue. Warner Bros Pictures is proud of Alexander and thinks it is an exceptional piece of filmmaking. We've moved the release date, as we said earlier, to position it better for Academy consideration. We also want to allow ourselves more time to complete some of its ambitious visual effects. Any speculation that the Studio is trying to cut scenes from Alexander based on their depiction of the sexual relationships of the lead character is false and does not accurately represent the content of the film, which portrays Alexander the Great as heroic, and a man of his time and culture."


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