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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Chicago mayor signs petition supporting same-sex marriage

At the close of the annual Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame celebration at the Chicago Cultural Center on Wednesday evening, Mayor Richard M. Daley reportedly signed a petition that calls for "immediately repealing the discriminatory ban on same-sex marriage" in the state and "demand[ing] that Cook County immediately issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples." According to members of the gay rights group Chicago Anti-Bashing Network and the Equal Marriage NOW! coalition, the mayor was making his way through the crowd when a gay rights activist called out, "Mayor Daley, would you like to sign a petition for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians?" The mayor briefly glanced at the petition and then signed it in the presence of several witnesses, including his official liason to Chicago's gay and lesbian community, Bill Greaves.


Atlanta Golf Course To Fight Gay Civil Rights Law
by Newscenter Staff

(Atlanta, Georgia) An Atlanta golf course ordered to provide family memberships to gay and lesbian couples is planning to fight the city's non discrimination law in court.


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