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Monday, September 20, 2004

Gay youth group celebrates 10 years

In 1993, Pride for Youth was a twiggy outgrowth of the Bellmore-based Long Island Crisis Center, with a $10,000 grant, a homophobia workshop, and a Sunday gathering for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens that attracted half a dozen on a good day.

At that time, Linda Leonard, the crisis center's executive director, said, "You couldn't even say the word 'gay' in Nassau County."


Community decries East Hempfield hate crime
By Carla Di Fonzo
Intelligencer Journal

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - Vandals spray painted messages of hate across East Hempfield Township homes last week, and on Sunday afternoon the community answered with a message of love.

Vision of Hope Metropolitan Community Church in Mountville held a prayer vigil in response to the crime, which singled out gays and lesbians.

"The graffiti was appalling and disgusting," Vision of Hope pastor the Rev. Debbie Coggin said. "Since we're a Christian church that ministers to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender residents, we wanted the opportunity to respond to the crime and bring the community together.


Gays cautious about new partners law
Some opt out, fearing legal or financial troubles
Rona Marech, Chronicle Staff Writer

Gay men and lesbians throughout California are poised to celebrate when the state's muscular new domestic partners law takes effect Jan. 1 -- but a funny thing is happening on the way to the ribbon cutting. Some committed couples are saying thanks, but no thanks.

They are dissolving their current legal partnerships or declining to sign up, mainly because they're worried that under the new law -- which extends state marriage rights and responsibilities to same-sex partners -- their public benefits could be slashed, or they could wind up in a financial or legal quagmire.

In July and August, more people dissolved their state domestic partnerships -- 202 and 111, respectively -- than in any month since January 2000, when the registry started.


Gay unions cited as reason to move

WESTFIELD - The court ruling allowing same-sex marriages in Massachusetts is having an unexpected effect on the local Russian community, many of whose members attend conservative churches that do not approve of gay unions.

While some families say they are leaving Massachusetts for other states such as South Carolina because of a warmer climate and lower real estate prices, others say that a court ruling which makes gay and lesbian marriages legal is a big factor.


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