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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

what the fucks going on:

-states vote to limit rights

- hate crimes are on the rise

-trans folks risk illegal injection of silicon to fit in

-being queer gets one assaulted or murdered

-sodomy and gay insults are used as torture

-woman are raped in the sudan as a form a genocide and nothing is done

. . . . . .have we forgotten our humanity, or is this what its comes to; a homogenous heterosexual binary

. . ... when will we stand togather and embrace the diversity and protect it from slowly being murdered off inch-by-inch, name-by-name, one body at a time

.......when will we take a stand against the violence done in the name of religion.

... a history of planets, animals, cultures, people and sexual and gender diversity is being wiped from the face of the globe in the name of what?... when will we stand up and face our own death to stop this......!!!!

please call you government representatives and stop ENDA, get involved, stop hate, stop the destruction of the earth... if our life is not worth stopping this destruction and hate.. what is a life worth...?



Final Push Underway to Pass Equal Rights Legislation

SACRAMENTO - August 3 - The California Legislature will be considering a record number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights bills and resolutions in the next four weeks. The legislation under consideration ranges in subject from employment protections and insurance equality to hate crimes and same-sex relationships.

"We are confident that the entire group of bills will pass and optimistic that the Governor Schwarzenegger will sign all of them," said Equality California Executive Director Geoffrey Kors. "Our coalition in support of equality has grown stronger as a result of President Bush's attacks on LGBT families. LGBT and non-LGBT organizations have joined together in support of a simple principle: equal rights for all Californians."

Equality California currently has five pieces of pro-LGBT legislation near final passage in the state legislature. All of the legislation has received broad legislative and community support.

"The challenge in the next month is to make sure that the Governor knows how much our community and our allies support these bills," said Steve Hansen, EQCA Legislative Advocate. "We are hopeful that when these bills reach Governor Schwarzenegger that he will sign them, which advances the goal of equality under the law for LGBT Californians and their families."


Galz members beaten up, chased from Zimbabwe book fair

MEMBERS of the Gays and Lesbians’ Association of Zimbabwe (Galz) exhibiting at this year’s Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF) were on Monday evening beaten up by a mob riled by their presence. The ZIBF allowed Galz to participate at this year’s event after the High Court ruled that the association had the right to exhibit.

But violent protesters opposed to homosexuality attacked the members manning their stand and chased them.

Galz’s participation had, as in previous years, stirred much controversy.

Exhibitors at nearby stands who witnessed the assault said a group of people charged towards three Galz members accusing of being inhuman.


Gays in Pakistan Risk Harsh Islamic Retribution
Day to Day audio

Homosexuality is severely punished in many Islamic countries, with penalties including everything from public whipping to execution. Miranda Kennedy reports from Pakistan that an extensive gay subculture that has developed there, despite the threat of disgrace and death.


Woman charged with administering silicone injections
Associated Press

Gwinnett County police have arrested a woman on charges that she administered silicone injections to transvestites desperate to look more feminine.

District Attorney Danny Porter said 45-year-old Verna Deloris Barnett of Norcross was what he calls the "preferred provider" throughout the Southeast of silicone injections for men who were living as women. He says her services cost about $1,200 compared to a plastic surgeon's charge of $3,000 or more.


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