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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Arizona State University: Following a rash of antigay harassment on campus, the LGBTQ Coalition convinced the administration in March to expand its nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity, making ASU the only state institution with protections for transgender people.
This followed the Greek council's February decision to approve the school's first lesbian sorority, Gamma Rho Lambda (a.k.a. GRL)—making ASU the only university in the country with both gay and lesbian frats.


Oklahoma rally promotes heterosexual marriage

A "Pro-Marriage Rally" in Tulsa, Okla., drew about 4,000 people, including the city's mayor and a state legislator. Mayor Bill LaFortune and state senator James Williamson were among those speaking at the event Tuesday at the Union High School Performing Arts Center.
"If you believe in Christ, if you believe in this country, and if you believe in this city, you believe that marriage is a covenant between God, a man, and a woman," LaFortune said.


Rights outcry at gay arrests
By Ian Gerard

GAY and civil rights groups have called for an end to plainclothes Queensland police operations that target gay people, after the arrest of two men in Townsville.

A 73-year-old man has been charged with indecently assaulting a policeman and a 43-year-old man charged with indecent behaviour after they were arrested at a well-known nudist beach and gay beat north of the city.

Australian Council of Civil Liberties president Terry O'Gorman denounced the use of plainclothes police in such operations, describing it as "utterly reprehensible" and a throwback to the 60s.


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