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Monday, July 12, 2004 Launches TV Ad Critical Of Bush For Dividing Country With Gay Marriage Amendment
07.12.04 will launch a TV ad this week in DC, NY and nationally, condemning George Bush for dividing, not uniting, the country by pushing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would deny marriage to same-sex couples.

The TV ad, which runs from July 12-16 while the Senate is expected to debate and vote on the amendment, questions the President's handling of everything from the war in Iraq to the economy, and suggests that Bush is distracting voters from substantive issues by turning to the politics of division and hate.

The ad's tagline reads: "George Bush: Work on the Real Problems."

"George Bush campaigned on a promise to unite, not divide us," said Peter Schurman, Executive Director of "Now he's using the politics of hate to distract us from the real issues. He wants to move America backwards by enshrining discrimination in the U.S. Constitution." will issue a call-to-action to its members Tuesday, to send a message to the Senate and White House that the amendment cannot be tolerated. For more information, visit


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