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Thursday, July 08, 2004

had a mild blog melt down be up in running in no time... in the mean time

please check out my new piece @ in the New Issue of
Suspect Thoughts

edited by Dodie Bellamy

Suspect Thoughts, Issue #13

July - December 2004
Body Language
Guest Editor:
Dodie Bellamy's Forward


The Cams Project by Elliot Anderson
featuring Dodie Bellamy, Doug Heise, Kevin Killian, and Yedda Morrison

Comix by Josh Bayer

Aaron Nielsen interviews author Dennis Cooper

Sheree Rose's Memories of Bob Flanagan

Casey McKinney interviews artist Matt Greene

Selections from Woods in the Watchers by Colter Jacobsen

Margaret Crane interviews artist Larry Sultan


Steve Abee
Neela Banerjee
Dodie Bellamy
Julia Bloch
Diana Cage
Dennis Cooper
Julia Croon
Sam D'Allesandro
Trinie Dalton
d.g. eng
Mark Ewert
Bob Flanagan
Lisa Freeman
Robert Gl├╝ck
Aracely Gonzalez
Doug Heise
Joshua Hoobler
Kevin Killian
Derek McCormack
Yedda Morrison
Aaron Nielsen
Sam Ott
Lara Parker
Brian Pera
Camille Roy
Milly Sanders
Cedar Sigo
Eleni Stecopoulos
Eileen Tabios
Joel Barraquiel Tan
Matias Viegener
Shoshana von Blankensee
Stephanie Young


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