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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Mich. Mayor Officiates at Mass Gay Wedding
Associated Press

FERNDALE, Mich. - The mayor of this Detroit suburb officiated at the mass wedding of nearly a dozen gay couples outside City Hall on Saturday in a symbolic demonstration of support for legalizing same-sex marriage in Michigan.

Although the ceremony carried no legal weight, the 11 couples who exchanged vows and rings left feeling married.

"I can't stop quivering," said Melvin Rodgers Berta, 41, clutching the ringed hand of his partner of three years, Leroy Berta, 46.

"It's just like the day we met," Leroy Berta said.


Bordeaux Union Prompts Discussion of Gay Marriage in France
Weekend Edition - Saturday audio
June 5, 2004

While the debate over gay marriage continues in the United States, a union today between two men near Bordeaux has begun a debate in France as well. Frank Browning reports.


Sex-change (sic) patient's file put on the net
By Danielle Teutsch
June 6, 2004

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A sex-change recipient, whose highly sensitive medical records were published on the internet after a hospital error, was paid $1600 and offered free counselling by the Health Department to stop her taking legal action.

Sally Black's (not her real name) psychiatry case-management file from St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst, contained information about her history of self-harm, and the fact she was taking hormonal medication to enable her to live as a female.

Ms Black, 25, spoke to The Sun-Herald because she was still angry about how she was treated by the management of St Vincent's and the NSW Health Department.

"It was the process. They screwed me over," the woman said. "What makes me most angry is that they couldn't say sorry."


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