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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Jerusalem gay parade draws thousands, and protests
By Jonathan Lis

Thousands of people attended the third annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem yesterday and two right-wing activists were arrested for throwing eggs at people taking part.

Two bodyguards were hired to protect Mayor Uri Lupolianski after warnings that ultra-Orthodox factions were planning to harm him. The parade began at 6:30 P.M. and moved from Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall toward Liberty Bell Park, where it ended with a happening and a party.

Lupolianski was elected last year as the first ultra-Orthodox mayor of the capital. Members of the ultra-Orthodox community were incensed he even allowed the Gay Pride parade to go ahead and held two demonstrations in the last week to protest.

Posters went up in the city denouncing the mayor and the parade. Rabbi David Basri, a prominent kabbalist, said homosexuals were "subhuman" and would be reincarnated as rabbits.


Complex divorce case centers around gender of transsexual
o.ABC13 Eyewitness News

(6/03/04 - HOUSTON) — A divorce trial in Harris County resumes for a transsexual one day after it was put on hold because she refused to be a he.

In other words, Linda Gail Carter, who legally changed her sex from male to female six years ago, refused to be certified as a man on Wednesday in the first day of the divorce trial. That leaves the judge presiding over a divorce trial between two women.

Carter married Constance Gonzalez just a few months after Carter changed gender. Wedding photos show Carter dressed as a man.


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