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Friday, June 18, 2004

Gay Rights Group's  Ad Campaign Targets Bush Visit  
by Doreen Brandt Newscenter
Washington Bureau

(Washington)  The nation's largest gay civil rights group is placing ads in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Monday to coincide with President Bush's visit to the city. 

The ad, sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign  says: "Did you know marriages between same-sex couples are already illegal under Ohio law and not recognized under federal law? So why is President Bush spending time trying to change the Constitution to discriminate against families for the first time in American history?  Focus on Americans' real priorities, Mr. President."

A second ad reads: "Ohioans without health insurance: 1.3 million, Gay marriages in Ohio: 0. The Federal Marriage Amendment is discriminatory, unnecessary and undermines the Constitution. Focus on Americans' real priorities, Mr. President."

The Enquirer is the most read morning paper in the state.  


Bishops Unable To Reach Agreement On Gays & Communion
by Newscenter Staff

(Denver, Colorado) A meeting of America's Roman Catholic bishops that wrapped up late Friday afternoon was unable to reach a national consensus on what penalties should be meted out to politicians who oppose the Church's stand on gay marriage.

The bishops have been meeting for the past week in Englewood, Colorado.

While some bishops have called for Roman Catholic politicians who support same-sex marriage to be denied the sacraments of the Church, others prefer a less confrontational approach.

In the end, despite heavy lobbying from both sides, the bishops decided to leave it up to individual dioceses. A closing statement, approved by a 183 - 6 vote said each decision about denying communion to some Catholics in public life should rest with the individual bishop "in accord with established canonical and pastoral principles." The statement also said bishops can legitimately make different judgments on the "most prudent" course of action.


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