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Monday, June 07, 2004

Anti-Gay Marriage Campaigns May Have Broader Implications 
by Margo Williams Newscenter

(Boston, Massachusetts) A study on the likely effects of ballot questions on same-sex marriage indicates the issue is likely to have a major negative impact on communities and gay families.

This fall voters in a number of states, including Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah, will go to the polls to vote on whether same-sex couples should be denied equal marriage rights. 

The report, by the Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies, a think tank in Amherst, Massachusetts, shows that these elections may carry significant negative psychological and social consequences for local residents and for the community at large.  

Research compiled by the IGLSS finds that referenda can affect the lives of both gay/lesbian/bisexual and heterosexual people in several ways.


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